Need Help With Excel Homework

Have the Excel functions always troubled you? Are you constantly wondering what are pivot tables and how to create data charts in Excel? In other words, do you need help with Excel homework? Then you are at the right place.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used spreadsheet software applications. From small neighborhood shops to Fortune 500 companies, they all use Microsoft Excel in one way or another. Whether you are a manager, a database operator, a salesperson, an accountant, a teacher, or a student, if you use computers, there is a great chance that you have also come across Microsoft Excel. There is hardly a computer course without Microsoft Excel. And if you’re lagging behind in your computer classes because you cannot complete your Microsoft Excel homework assignments, you need some help.

What is Microsoft Excel used for?

Excel is a part of the overall MS Office Suite. These days it is also known as Windows 365. Different people use Microsoft Excel for different reasons. It is a great analytical tool. Large databases can be maintained. You can maintain thousands of rows of data and then run analytical analysis on these rows. There are scores of formulas available that are built into the application and thousands of rows of data can be analyzed with a couple of clicks.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. You can create streams of text, numbers, and formulas and then carry out calculations upon them. For example, you can use Excel to record expenditures and income, you can use it to plan budgets, you can create data charts and you can even present fiscal results. You can program Excel to pull data from external sources, for example, stock market feeds, and then run the information through financial models to buy and sell stocks.

Excel also contains powerful programming capabilities. Many of your Excel homework assignments may require you to create Excel macros that are powerful programs not just to carry out calculations on data, but also to create interfaces.

Due to the fact that data and information can be organized in rows and columns, Excel is a very versatile program. Here are a few things you can achieve using Excel:

  • Data entry and data storage
  • Accounting and budgeting
  • Compilation and verification of business data
  • Tasks management and scheduling
  • Trends analysis
  • Building charts and data grids
  • Forecasting
  • Project management and time tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory management

Of course, these are just droplets in the vast ocean of possibilities that are available in Excel.

Due to its vast portfolio of features, businesses use Excel as an analytical tool. It can analyze large amounts of data to recognize patterns. Then you can use these patterns to make critical business decisions. It provides filtering, sorting, pivoting, and searching tools to make it easier for you to immediately go through thousands of rows of data and mine the information you need.

It also gives you powerful graphs and charts. There are easier ways of creating graphs and charts, and there are complex ways. For the homework assignments, you may have to work on creating dynamic, intricate graphs and charts based on external data sources.

Many people use Excel as a basic calculator. Of course, not for addition and subtraction, but for finding sum, average & mean, or minimum or maximum values in columns and rows. Even for statistics, Excel is a powerful tool.

What are the benefits of learning Microsoft Excel?

Most of the business executives who use computers at the office or at home know Microsoft Excel in various degrees. In fact, they are required to know Excel. Even if you do any business course, office management course, or an MBA, you are given working knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Non-IT people use Microsoft Excel for the following purposes:

  • Data analysis: Suppose you want to know which top 10 departmental stores are getting you the maximum sales among the 1500 departmental stores all over the world selling your product. If you have the data in Excel, you can know the results within a second through a single command.
  • Create graphs and charts: Whether you are in sales, marketing, forecasting, or consulting, you constantly need to create graphs and charts to visually represent data. Creating highly professional graphs and charts are an integral part of Microsoft Excel.
  • Statistical tools: You can calculate mean and average, geometric progression, harmonic mean, median, variance, and standard deviation by using statistical functions inbuilt into Excel.

Hence, you can see that even if you are from a non-computer background, you may have to use Microsoft Excel on day-to-day basis to achieve various tasks and carry out various calculations.

Why is doing Excel homework difficult and why you need to seek help?

Once you come across Excel is one of your main courses in your computer class, you realize that there is an unending litany of topics to cover. There is no problem in learning basic Excel. Even if someone has never used Excel, with little knowledge of spreadsheets, he or she can enter data and even carry out basic calculations.

You face the problem when you need to use advanced Excel functions. Take for example the following topics in Excel:

  • Formulas in Excel
  • Functions
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Excel date and time
  • Cell referencing
  • Formatting rows and columns
  • Dynamic arrays
  • Pivot tables
  • Excel shortcuts
  • Tables in Excel
  • Excel charts
  • Conditional formatting
  • Excel shortcuts
  • Data validation
  • Excel Visual Basic programming
  • ODBC and data linking connections
  • Creating applications in Excel
  • Financial analysis
  • Report generation
  • Queries
  • Data import and export
  • External data sources
  • Excel interface development

and many more.

You need to be working in Excel all the time to be able to solve problems with these topics. Hence, when you get Excel homework assignments in these and other topics in Excel, you’re often stumped, and you need to seek help.

Additionally, an average Excel user doesn’t use these advanced functions but when you take a computer course, irrespective of whether you are going to use these functions in your day-to-day dealings or not, you will need to master them. When your class teacher gives you a Microsoft Excel homework assignment, you must complete it.

Although entering data in rows and columns may appear easy, and in fact, it is easy, but solving complex problems using Excel for your homework is not easy. You must have deep knowledge of the spreadsheet software. Sometimes it is difficult even to understand the question because many questions are related to a specific profession. For example, a question from a financial perspective may be difficult for you to understand simply because you are not into finance. Similarly, if you need to solve a scientific calculation, if you don’t have mathematical sciences as one of your subjects, it is going to be difficult for you to complete your homework assignment in Excel.

How can we help you with Excel homework assignments?

Many of our team members are Microsoft certified Excel experts. From basic functions to the most advanced features, they know the spreadsheet application like the back of their hand. Many have created advanced Excel applications. Our experts can do your Excel homework assignments at the school level, undergraduate level, graduate level, and even postgraduate levels. Whether you are in school or college, we can do your homework assignments in Excel.

Our Excel homework help experts can tailor your assignment according to your grade, school, or college. Most of our experts have worked on hundreds of Excel homework assignments and they have got vast experience turning in assignments for various schools and colleges. They do the assignment in such a manner that your class teacher or your professor will never know that the assignment, despite being exceptional, has been done by another expert and not by you. They are also adept at doing homework assignments for students from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and many other countries. The work will be of top-notch quality and they will pass any plagiarism test in the world.

Most of our experts have either worked in reputed companies or are already working and they work on Excel assignments because they love solving complex problems. Most of our experts have advanced degrees in computers and they are Microsoft certified.

We can help you with homework assignments in the following Excel topics (just to mention a few)

  • Data analytics
  • Dynamic tables and charts
  • Fetching data from multiple sheets and even spreadsheets
  • Creating and maintaining pivot tables
  • Writing macros and programs in VBA
  • Creating Excel add-ons
  • ODBC and data linking connections
  • Financial analysis with Excel
  • Solving economic problems with Excel
  • Creating loan, mortgage, and financial accounting calculators
  • Powershell optimization
  • Placing an advanced mathematical functions
  • SQL commands within Excel
  • Creating data entry forms with data validation

How you save time with our Excel homework assignment services?

You may be a busy executive. You may have kids. You may be between different jobs. You may be a student who is actively involved in sports and other extracurricular activities. You may have other subjects to cover. There are multiple ways how you can save time by outsourcing your Excel homework assignment to us.

Microsoft Excel is a huge application. It was launched in 1985. You will be surprised to know that the first version of Microsoft Excel was launched for Apple’s Macintosh computers. The first Windows version was introduced in 1987. Since it came with a GUI it enabled its users to enter large amounts of information in rows and columns using a visual interface, contrary to the contemporary DOS-based applications available during those days. The point is, it is one of the oldest personal and enterprise-level software applications and since its inception, literally hundreds of features and functionalities have been added to it.

Not every function and not every feature is needed by everyone but tell it to a teacher or a professor! They will ask you to work on your homework assignment on the most obscure uses of Microsoft Excel.

Exactly this is where our experts can help you. They will help you save a ton of time because if your try to complete your Excel homework assignment on your own, you will need to spend hours going through the documentation or various websites to find the right information. Since our experts are constantly doing world-class homework assignments in Excel, most of the functions, formulas, and features are on their fingertips. Besides, after you have completed 30-40 assignments in computer sciences topics (or for that matter, any topic), you have covered pretty much everything.

Does outsourcing your Excel homework assignment mean that once you have completed your class, you will be less informed about this excellent spreadsheet software? This depends on how you approach our Excel homework assignment service. Yes, we can certainly help you save time. Most of the homework assignments are routine work, time-consuming, but routine work, nonetheless. These homework assignments are given to inculcate a sense of diligence in the students. Most of the assignments don’t solve any purpose in the real sense.

What are we trying to say? Once you have received your homework from us, you can go through it and revise all the commands, functions, and features that are covered in the assignment. Where you would need 10-15 hours to learn, you can learn in a single hour by simply going through the completed homework assignment.

You see, most of the help books, even the famous For Dummies series, are written by academicians. No matter how hard they try, they cannot prepare the course materials logically as someone who professionally uses Microsoft Excel would do. When our experts work on your homework assignment, they will complete your assignment just the way a diligent student who completely understands Microsoft Excel would do. This makes understanding the various Excel concepts very easy.

Once you have received the assignment, spend a couple of hours going through it and see how our experts have used the various features to solve complex problems. This way, you hit two birds with a single stone: you get your homework assignment done without toiling yourself, and you get to learn the most advanced features of Excel without having to sift through hundreds of pages, both off-line and online.

Want us to help you with your Excel homework assignment? Here is the process:

Our process is very simple. Here is what you can do…

  1. Log onto our website and create an account if you haven’t already done so – you can also use one of your social media accounts to log into our services and access your individual dashboard.
  2. Enter the details of the homework. Make sure that you have given us all the details and all the instructions as clearly as possible. In most of the cases, you should specify your requirement just as your class teacher or your professor has given it to you. If he or she has also verbally communicated something, mention that too.
  3. We let you know how much it is going to cost after consulting with an appropriate expert.
  4. You make the payment, and the process is kickstarted. We normally deliver the assignment within 24 hours, but the time may also depend on the scale of your assignment.
  5. You receive the homework either through your dashboard or through your inbox.

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